Moving house or business relocation?

Ask us anything about moving house or relocating your business.

How do I get a quote?

For small moves we'll be able to offer a price within few minutes and email/text you the details.

For larger moves or business relocations, we'll need perhaps to make a visit at your location or at least a video survey in order to work out the volume, the weight, time required to load and unload and so on.

We'll use some clever software to determine an accurate cost.

Either way, we will provide you with a competitive price in a written quote. What you see is what you get.

What happens if it's raining?

In most of the cases a normal rainy day will not affect us.

It would probably slow us down a little, however we'll make sure to have everything to protect your furniture while moving it from your house to the van or truck.

If there is a severe storm we'll work with you to find the best solution. Either way, we'll try to stick to the initial plan.

What insurance do you offer?

All our services are fully insured for the unexpected!

Besides our public liablity, our goods in transit insurance will cover up to £10k

If your goods exceed this amount we can increase our mark to your desired amount.

Who does the packing?

Packing is esential for fragile items. We'll handle all your belongings with care and pack them properly using good quality materials and strong boxes.

We would usually pack all of your belongings, however, if you would rather pack yourself and need boxes and packing kits, we can help you.

Even if you choose to pack everything yourself, on the day of the move we'll have with us protective blankets, spare boxes and other materials in case you need them.

Where do you park?

As you would expect, parking closer to the entrace would make it a much easier job for us

At times we are able to arrange a parking permit for the day we are moving, however this would me your resposability if you live in an area where parking ouside your house is prohibited.

We would suggest to let your neigbours know about the moving day and perhaps arrange with them to have more space in fron of your property for our vans.

This won't stress your neighbours too much as usually packing and loading is completed within few hours.

How much time is required for booking?

Booking well in advance we'll ensure you can book your moving on a convinient day for you, such as a day off or before a deadline.

Smaller movings don't usually require much planning so next day bookings are available

It is best to give us a call and ask for availability and book your moving with us.

What payment methods?

We accept card payments, bank transfer and cash payments. We would prefer bank transfer or payment by card.

You will have a detailed invoice and payment schedule will be discused while booking your moving day.

Do you take windows down for large items?

The short answer is no! We do not dismantle windows for removing any items.

If there is a large sofa or just a large piece of furniture that doesn't fit through the doors, then we'll dismantle carefully into smaller pieces and pack them properly

We'll expect you to let us know in advance if there is any large item that you believe will not fit through the doors.

Screws and other small bits will pe packed into sealed bags and labeled for and easy and fast reasembly