secure storage

Our storage service is aimed at customers using our moving services, regardless if it's a house or office moving.

We can offer storage for your house or office moving whenever you need for as long as you wish. Your items are securely stored in very clean and modern premises. There are 150+ cctv cameras as well as content protection for the unexpected.

It is a very simple process and in many cases very helpful. For your convenience, we'll move only the items that you require at your new location. The rest will be packed nicely and stored. Once you decide you need the rest, we'll carefully load everything up and bring them at your desired location. There is no hassle for you, no extra actions and no further documentation or contracts.

Storing items that you don't need immediately will give you the freedom to gradually arrange your new place as well as sort through your belongings without being in a rush. Usually these would be items that you forgot in your garage for some time and perhaps haven't even used them for a while. If there are items that you decide to donate, we can deliver them at your chosen charity or recycle at professional premises.

Well packed and safely stored

Storage for short term to avoid clutter at the new location is a popular service

  • house and business storage
  • modern clean and safe premises
  • easy and flexible
  • hassle free
  • great prices
  • short notice

Your price includes everything

If you're thinking to store part of your belongings for your house or business moving, then would be a great idea to sort these items out so we can have a clear picture of how much there is to store. It would be great to have this at the time of the quotation; however, you can even decide on the day of the moving if you want storage.

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