ready to move?

Moving day is a long day but should not scare you! We'll assess, propose and then work hard so your belongins reach your new property in no time.

1. Getting ready

After shoping around you should have a rough idea of what to expect from you movers. At this point you should decide what servie would be most convinient. Is our Man and Van enough for you or would you rather have us do a complete moving service so you won't have to worry at all.

  • choose convinient service
  • agree moving date
  • arrange packing
  • choose other services

It would be good to organize a childminder with plenty of time in advance so you have less to worry aproching moving day. We'll tell you everything about your move and let you know all our terms and conditions

free visual estimates are also available.

2. Moving out

Declutter and sort through your items as much as possible. If you haven't chosen packing service from us, than you should pack as much of your goods with paper and bubble wrap so they are protected during transit. You should also take down curtain, fixtures and fittings.

  • sort packing
  • empty your loft
  • arrange cleaning

There are loads more to do. Let us move everything safley and use that time to close your contracts, read the meters, sort any paperwork left for the property, sort cleaning, select item for disposal or donations, sort your pets, change the address for your insurance and much more that you will discover.

3. moving day

Our comprehensive service covers an entire house move regardless of the time you can spend with us, however, if you do then make sure to take enough time off work as moving home is no easy task and could take longer than expected. Parking is the next thing on the list and access must be free.

  • ensure free access
  • sort parking space
  • label furniture
  • read all the meters

If you choose a full service from us then you won't have to touch anything doring the move. Only let us know through simple lables if you want something specific with any of the items such as a certain room at the new place, disposal or donation at a charity.

4. moving in

Does the furniture fit your new home? Remember that we won't take any windows down in order to fit furniture in. We would dismantle beds, sofas and other furniture that won't fit through a normal sized door. Also make sure you'll have the keys ready when we arrive at your new property.

  • keys ready
  • ensure acess
  • sort parking

We'll carefully move all your belongings in your new home and place each item in the desired room. The amount of work that we carry out is reflected by the service that you chose. Do you want us to unpack, reinstall furniture or put the curtains on? Ask us for more details!

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